Tuesday 17 January 2006

Hurry hurry hurry

nearly too late for today!

Anyway, what did I do today? I ordered the willow cuttings and some plastic mulch, then found another place in Wales with a lot more varieties of willow including a fantastic red stemmed contorted one which I MUST have. More importantly (how can that be?) they have a number of cultivars that appear to be traditional in Northern France (all the sorts I've chosen so far are from Somerset and the Midlands) so that's something to consider for next year maybe.

Also today, the seeds from Chiltern Seeds arrived and I have planted small pots of Eucalyptus Viminalis and Rubida, some Betula Ermanii and some Manna Ash which I'm hoping will come up soon. I took some cuttings from the perennial wallflower (the yellow one, the Bowles purple died) which I'm hoping will root quickly. I had plans to take box cuttings today as well but didn't quite.

And about the house I made some bread and took pictures of the Santos mixer which you can see Using the Santos bread mixer here somewhere.

so the day wasn't entirely wasted but more could be done!

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