Saturday 4 October 2008

Seed Exchange 2008

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Seed swap and shares for 2008. All these seeds originated from the Heritage Seed Library run by the HDRA and have been carefully grown in isolation this year. Tubers were gleaned from supermarkets and Realseeds.

I'm only offering to growers in the UK and EU as I'm not sure of border controls for other countries.

I have:

Carlin pea seeds - ancient variety traditionally used in the North of England. Available in packets of 25 seeds.

Crimson flowered broad bean - not very rare any more but a good pure selection with deep crimson flowers. Excellent cropper. 25 seeds.

French Bean Royal Red - All gone for 2009

**I hope to have a few oca tuber and ulluco later in the season.**

UPDATE 28 January 2009 I've now checked my stocks. I can offer small packs of 3 or 4 mixed ulluco tubers, one pink and one crimson oca tuber per person. The tubers will be small but should grow perfectly well and provide you with your own tubers for a larger planting next year.

UPDATE 16 February 2009 Only a few tubers left now and not of the best quality. I'm willing to send them out if you're desperate but can't guarantee anything.

UPDATE 9th April 2009 The list is now closed for the season. Come back in the autumn to see what I'll have available for next year, and thanks for all the lovely exchanges this time.

Leave a message to me in the comments or send an email to me:

catofstripes [replace this with an at sign] gmail [put a dot here] com

Always interested in swaps, let me know what you have!

See the full list of Seed Network participants as gathered at Bifurcated Carrots by Patrick and Steph. Seeds are for vegetables and ornamentals, and should be open pollinated varieties. Seeds are offered for exchange or small prices to cover costs. Click here


joker the lurcher said...

hi there! i would love to scrounge some of your french beans! and the tuber thingys sound wonderful if you have any spare.

i am waiting to plant my carlins that you sent me last year. i have nothing of any great interest to swap as we moved last spring but if you are down in sussex again soon please come round for a cuppa and take any cuttings of things you would like!

Catofstripes said...

Hi Angharad,

I'll pop some in the post as soon as they dig out the post box! And I'd love to have tea with you next time I'm that way.

Anonymous said...


I'd be interested in trading for some Ulluco if you still have some available.

I've sent you an email with more detail.

All the best.

Unknown said...

I would love some of the ulluco as well....

Melian said...

I would be interessted in some ulluco tubes, but I´m a newbie so I have nothig to trade except some plants of Primula veris and Primula elatior, which grow wild here. I´m sorry, if it´s not enough.

Catofstripes said...

Melian - I'll need a snail mail address before I can send you anything and an email address for privacy of comms.

Please mail me at catofstripes (at) gmail (dot) com so that we can discuss it.

No need to have anything to swap but I'd be grateful for a couple of 50p stamps to help with the postage.

DEREK - if you're reading, I can't send you seeds until I have an address. I did mail you...

Peter Mulryan said...

Seed exchange? This is an old post but if you have any Carlin pea seeds I would love to swap. I have a broad selection of heritage seeds ready to go into the ground, a lot from Irish Seed Savers. If you are interested let me know what veg interests you and I will see what I have. Thanks, Peter