Saturday 19 March 2011

A snap of the fingers

Asparagus in its second year

Not a lot came through the winter. Some cabbages, oca surprisingly enough, welsh onions and Babington leeks and these few plants of asparagus. Last year I put 18 seedlings out and tended them lovingly. Only five, maybe six are still with us but they do show some encouraging signs. I have another couple of pots of seedlings for pricking out and replacing the ones lost by the way. It's going to be a couple of years yet before we can sit down to that first plate of home grown asparagus but fingers crossed these survivors have what it takes.

purple deadnettle
Purple Deadnettle

Believed to be a plague sent to curse the unworthy this pretty little plant is already showing its flowers. In an attempt to encourage still more butterflies and bugs into the garden we intend to plant more weeds this year. Our wildflower patches this year will be on the stretch of ground that is being let go from the veg plot and a space actually almost in the middle of the main vegetable beds at the base of an apple tree where we can't cultivate for fear of damaging the roots. I'm still in two minds about increasing the number of Buddleias as they can become a weedy menace and are by no means native but I saw the first Brimstone, Comma and Peacock butterflies today and having more flowers for nectar does seem enticing.


This is one of the projects I think would make a good volunteer task. Our front gate has needed rehanging since before we were here and dragging the wretched thing open and closed when I need to go through one of my most hated jobs. We just need to drop four strong new posts deep into the grounds, anchor them and then rehang the gate so that it swings instead of ploughs. A few tidy fence poles and a new letter box and we'd be the smartest entrance in the village. Well, I can dream.

The exhausted cat below was a bit disgusted with me when he found the point of our long walk was to take pictures of the gate. Next time I'll have to take them into the forest where it's much more suitable for catty pursuits.

exhausted cat

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