Friday 18 March 2011

Peas underground


The plan is started...

but I meant to blog these peas yesterday and forgot. The picture is from last summer, there was nothing much to see above ground except a tangle of fragile and nearly disintegrated hair thin stems.

Clearing ground for the rotavator yesterday made me look for the home of the tuberous rooted pea that was left to over winter near the rhubarb. I was amazed to find a lot (about 15) good sized roots there. I've split them up and replanted some in a short row near the other perennial plants and put a few into a pot as back up in case the slugs come, as fearfully predicted by Rhizowen. It might be a difference in soil or the close proximity of the oxalic acid rich foliage of the rhubarb but I've seen very little damage from the slimy ones. So far. Fingers crossed.

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