Friday 25 March 2011

Drying up

Sunrise over the wood shed

It's been dry now for two weeks, no rain. This morning the forecast was for another week without a shower. That's changed now but I had started to consider the need to water the new planted seeds, not something one often worries about in March. Nothing is up yet, but that doesn't mean things aren't happening beneath the soil. Once the seed starts to germinate there can be no setbacks or accidents, there are no more natural strategies for protecting the new life, it must grow or die in the attempt.

So although already I mourn the passing of the blessed sunshine, I can't really complain at the 40% chance of showers forecast for the next few days.

Today, it was too hot for sustained work, or maybe I was just too twitchy at the thought of Paul arriving tomorrow. I mooched about clearing the weed from the water lily, pulling up grass from around the hops, moving small clumps of mint and comfrey to new spots as they were blocking an area that will need to be dug this weekend. I didn't seem to get anything of significance done.

But, I did see the first swallow. He, or she, swooped in from the southwest, looped the loop in the yard, made a practise run at the entrance to the swallow house, then pulled out and disappeared back into the ether.

And with that it's time to stem this flood of daily posting. I can witter on like a swallow about my lovely life here but in the end it starts to become repetitive and meaningless. I'm going to cut back to a couple of posts a week which I hope will have more of interest to report in them.

Sunset behind the wires


Sarsparilla said...

Please do keep posting. I have been following intently (though I admit, via google reader, more than via clickthroughs), and have been describing what I see here to friends. It's lovely to read your world through what you see and what you create.

Catofstripes said...

Thank you for those kind words, I am going to keep writing, just not quite so often.

Sarsparilla said...

I am being quite selfish, wanting you to continue, aren't I? Please, at your own pace, and when you can.

But it's been a very valued window on your world, and I'm jealously demanding it doesn't disappear forever.

Novelty Pens said...
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