Sunday 13 March 2011

Home on the range

Well, we're back and nothing is too awful. Mice have wreaked havoc in the potato store and the cats are extracting revenge at this very moment. It's horribly damp and I've had to ditch my tea store but the roof is still on, and apart from the fallen tree there seems to be no winter storm damage at all. It's comfortingly mild. That's not to say it's warm, we're still a two fires all day household but there's nothing to fear from the weather.

Not many vegetables have come through the winter to fuel the hungry gap. This is partly my fault, I didn't really attempt any winter hardy veg this year, too despondent at the thought of renewed deer attack. This cabbage is the loose leafed one from Realseeds, I forget the exact variety for the moment, it was a useful resource for a small household last autumn and seems extremely hardy. These small flowering heads could be left for seed but I think I shall eat them. I'm wondering if the plants would continue on for another season like the walking stick kales or other similar brassicas but they're in the wrong place anyway. I'll definitely start some more from seed this spring.


Are there any mycologists in the house? We found this fungus lurking like a displaced alien on the underside of a very old plank of oak that had overwintered outside. We haven't been able to identify it and neither has anybody else we've shown it to. If you have any suggestions about what it might be we'd love to hear them.


elderly rock chick said...

eek! that fungus looks scary!

Lavender and Vanilla Friends of the Gardens said...

I like fungi and I am always on the look out for some in my garden. I have never seen one like it. They are all interesting and beautiful.
This one looks like a flower.