Wednesday 9 March 2011

Back to the Farm


Dedicated readers will notice I just posted an entry like this on Stripey Cat. Not an intentional action but I'm going to leave it there. The change of venue affects my cooking just as much as it affects the rest of life.

It's an earlier start than many years. In a way that should have some benefits, fewer small plants to transport, the opportunity to take advantage of dry days and get ahead on land preparation but it also has some drawbacks. Each year it becomes harder and harder to take the isolation away from my partner and my concern that we will never be able to enjoy it together grows.

Still, it's quite exciting. We will have a whole oak tree to dismantle. It fell over in the winter, narrowly missing the woodshed. I think the roots must have been undermined by flooding from the stream behind. That should contribute nicely to the woodpile and provide some green oak for woodworking.

And there are lots of other small projects to get up and running. If you would like to spend a couple of weeks as a house guest, receiving board and lodging in return for some volunteer work on a plot that welcomes attention email me here. We can talk about it.

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