Thursday 21 April 2011

Aide memoire

peas and beans
Peas awaiting sticks

Just some diary notes.

Planted on the 19th April two sorts of dwarf french bean, Annabel and Ice Crystal Wax. The bean poles were erected that day too, but I'm still relocating pumpkins from trays so that I can plant the climbing beans in heat.

The cabbages are up, the leeks, carrots, salsify, parsnips and scorzonera are not. This is bad. In pots, there are 7/8 Irish Preans and 10 pots of Hereward wheat. 5 rows of potatoes are now showing green tops.

All of the pumpkins etc are now individually potted, still to separate some tomatoes.

Work to do; finish back garden bed and plant out fruit bushes. Make pea sticks for Irish Preans and a teepee for some more beans there. Make beds ready for cucurbits and beetroot. Get the beans and ridge cucumbers started. And some other stuff...

sun disappearing

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