Wednesday 6 April 2011

A day called Summer


Today's photos were an attempt to catch the interesting low angle early evening sun light at the full stretch of my zoom lens whilst sitting in a garden chair with a fat black cat on my lap. Never let it be said I don't suffer for my art.


It has been another stunner of a day, warm and welcoming and simply wonderful. Naturally I'm beginning to wonder if we're peaking too soon and if it continues on like this into June it'll become a burden and everything will die of thirst but ... what if it doesn't? Could I stand a summer wet and cold and miserable? Put these thoughts away. They're not helpful.


So in the last couple of days I've planted a few more rows of potatoes, just two to go now; which is relief because dragging those trenches exercises the stomach muscles like little else.

I've started clearing the concrete rimmed borders of the herb patch to be. Previously planted up with Leylandii conifers which we removed as a priority as soon as we arrived they have become overgrown with brambles and noxious weeds. As I clear I shall be planting other strong growers in their place. The solid boundaries may help keep these things under control.

Today I dug a little bit more of the back garden and I'll have to keep at that this week or it's going to bake hard in all this sunshine and become impossible. Seeds planted were salsify and carrot with a sprinkle of wild poppy under the apple tree. So much more to do.



xFallingStar said...

lovely pictures

wheatgerm said...

those are majestic photos