Thursday 14 April 2011

Excursions and alarums


It's been a rather irritating and depressing day for any number of trivial reasons, each of which on its own should have been easy enough to shrug off. Somehow from inside my head the view has become darker.

The first thing to go wrong was just carelessness, I snapped off the top of a pumpkin as I was taking them outside for the day. I've taped and splinted it like a child playing doctors and nurses but really there's no chance and no real need to make a fuss, I still have seven more of that sort to go.

Then I found that a snail had eaten the tops from all the Hot Wax peppers. It's too late to start any more now so we'll have to resort to buying a few plants for our chilli needs this summer. The range in France is rather poor so that's a disappointment too.

crow on gate

While I was pricking out asparagus this evil cat took a bird. Probably a swallow. I chased him but he doubled back through the cat flap and disappeared. I didn't see him for five hours so he knows he was bad, but he's a cat. I've spent the time desperately hoping that somehow it wasn't a swallow or it got away but where we had four this morning, now I can only see three. I'm feeling so unhappy over this.

I did a reccy on the fruit. Of fifteen raspberry canes potted up in February it looks as if only six will make it. Only five of the strawberries came through, the other fruit bushes, although small, do seem viable but it's a poor show. I've planted the six best raspberries, three Autumn Bliss and three Octavia in the back bed. I really don't know what to do with the others, whether it's worth hanging on or if I should just ditch them now and stop agonising over it.

And the cats are covered in ticks. Tomorrow Paul will arrive with my car and supplies so they can be treated but it's just horrible to see and think about. This last couple of weeks has been rather wearing on my own. At least when I have the car again I'll feel a little less isolated.

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elderly rock chick said...

i love your window picture - full of stories to tell about people who looked through it before. hope the glooms lift soon.