Friday 8 April 2011

For the record

spud row

The potato planting is now finished. This morning, this lovely morning, I put in the last few rows. I was pleased to have room for a few of the Swedish variety Mandel which I brought back from my holiday there last year. These keep very well in storage and seem to be unattractive to rodents which is quite a consideration around here.

That useful tool came from the local DIY and similar ones can be found in most large French supermarkets and garden centres. They are available online in the UK but at prohibitive prices, so if you happen to be in France take one home with you.

The Swift went in on the 29th March and are just beginning to show green at ground level. They are very quick early potatoes and I expect to be able to take the first harvest by the middle of June.

The list really reads from left to right, rather than top to bottom, but I know what I mean.

spud list

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