Tuesday 16 April 2013


houston b&w 2008

That's a new word. Anyway, for the last couple of days I've been slipping into a depression, mostly without identifiable cause and probably just needing to be sat out until the moment passes and I can see the future again.

I couldn't even find a picture of a black dog for illustration, Houston, above, was abandoned on the farm a few years ago and we eventually found her a place in a refuge in France. I wonder what happened to her sometimes but I wish still more that something bad has happened to the people who callously left her in the forest all alone.

Too miserable to leave comments but here are some #bloglove links. Step along and say something nice from me.

Nick is doing dandelions. I like the roots braised in a splash of soy sauce.

Celia is cleaning out her spice cupboard  and other mustinesses. I should do that.

Vegetable side dishes in Sicily.

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