Monday 8 April 2013


My visitor arrived and so it seemed rude to shuffle off into a corner and write a blog when there was real life to be lived.

We did take a trip to Ryton Gardens to see what was coming up now the spring has begun to slowly warm everything up
Garden Path by Jeannie Hart
but actually not all that much was showing that had more than a hint of what was to come. Which was a little bit disappointing. We drifted around, enjoying the unusual sensation of sun on our backs and I was again reminded how useful it would be to have and how much I would like a polytunnel to extend the seasons.

Now we are back to our usual numbers and can slip back into normal routines. Here are a few of the blogs I missed reading over the weekend.

Bloglove roll:

Brams is investigating some Chinese 'broad' beans. I didn't leave a comment there because Wordpress hates me.

Karl is out for a duck .

A Kitchen Herbwife has lots and lots of recipes for nettles.

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