Friday 5 April 2013


Actually I don't think seeds are embryos are they? I'd better look it up.


Well, yes they are, but the seed includes the embryo so it's more complicated than that. Shrug, whatever. I'm in an awful rush today because I've had nearly a week to clean and tidy the house for an important visitor this afternoon and I've done nothing, nothing at all. So now I have four hours to do it all in and I'm blogging instead. Which is also my excuse for the dodgy snap of peanut seeds from Franchi above.

These aren't really my seeds.  I bought them as part of a xmas present for the man, who loves his coffee and peanut butter biscuits so I bought him the seeds to grow his own. But I expect bringing up the babies will devolve to me and I'm quite looking forward to it. It must have been more than 20 years since I last grew peanuts from a handful of raw monkey nuts unusually available in the local Safeway in Worthing. It was a good summer and the plants did well in my small but perfectly formed cold greenhouse. It wasn't a great crop but it was a happy time so peanuts have good vibrations for me.

I'll be keeping these under glass too unless we have a heat wave. They take a bit of space as the seed heads burrow into the soil around the plants so it will mean big pots but I'd rather do that than risk losing everything to slugs and the cold.

Today's links for #bloglove :

First, Niles who is trying an entirely carb free diet for reasons I'm not quite sure of. Wouldn't do for me at all.

Lucy is pond planning for wildlife.

and Joan is making her own miso, which is very inspiring and I must try it myself because we eat a lot of miso here.

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Emma said...

Seeds contain an embryo :)