Friday 19 April 2013



For a long time on this blog I did an occasional update on our kittens as they became cats. They are fully grown up now but still very important members of the household so I dedicate this post to them. None of them wanted their pictures taking and I apologise in advance for the rather basic snaps.

Raven, the fluffy girl cat is still as light as a piece of dandelion down, she doesn't jump but flies through the air and is wonderfully soft to the touch. In the evenings she likes to snuggle between us on the sofa to watch the television and take advantage of our protection as the boys tease her something rotten and she has no sense of humour about it. They only have to look now before she starts to growl at them although she has no real aggression, she just runs away if they persist.


Crow is still the slinkiest naughtiest cat but just recently he got into a fight that he clearly didn't win. He came in, shocked and shaken and hid for twelve hours. He didn't want to be checked over, I feared he had been hit by a car, and stayed in the dark beneath my desk until late into the evening. Then he perked up again but a few days later a horrible pustule burst from under a wound on his forehead. It smelled disgusting and I thought it would need a trip to the vet but after I'd swabbed it out with salty water it cleaned up well and started to heal. The hole is nearly all gone now but you can still see the patch where it was in the picture.


Rook now weighs nearly 8kg, far too much, and we've taken to calling him BigFat. He doesn't care but everyone including the vet is agreed that he's at risk of diabetes so in theory he's on a diet. Unfortunately, it's not working very well and I think he's actually gained weight since it was started. He's not exactly greedy but his method of waiting until the others have finished and then cleaning their bowls combined with almost continuous inactivity helps him keep the bulk in place. I'm hoping that the summer in France will give him more exercise and more things to take his mind from dinner.

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AlisonC said...

Lovely pictures. Tell Crow to pick on people smaller than him in future.

Rose said...

Oh, I love black cats, and I have always enjoyed your posts that included the kitties!

We have three cats too, all very different as well. Lucky, our belligerent male who's always on the prowl, has had a few of those pustules. We've run with the idea that it was an infected wound from fighting and resorted to much the same common-sense remedy as yourself.

And, cats (yours being no exception) have a special way of being photogenic against their will...a very desirable natural talent!