Saturday 13 April 2013



This is a Kingcycle although unfortunately that link to the inventor doesn't actually tell you very much about these recumbent bicycles. You might take a look here at Dave Larrington's blog for a few pictures of the same model in action.

This particular bike was bought new in about 1994 and Paul used to ride (and race) on it regularly before he took up with me. He was still riding it to work each summer until quite recently but in the last few years the roads have become so pit holed and the other road users so careless that he stopped because it had become too dangerous to use.

However a renewed interest was born this spring and he's been doing it up for the last three weeks. It's now ready for road testing. There are very many technical details that I'm not competent to to comment on but if you're very anxious to know ask away and I'll try to get some answers for you.

Of course, I'm not so keen on cycling but in the course of our researches we came across this sort of thing which might be the motivation I need if anyone feels like making me a gift.

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