Tuesday 23 April 2013


lesser celandine

This bloglove challenge is getting a bit patchy. Sorry. In my defence I think the improved weather has tempted the bloggers away from their machines and back into real life, at least there was a dearth of blogs over the weekend to choose from.

Celandines in the garden and at last the trees are beginning to show their leaves. I'm off to France tomorrow and hope that the late start in the garden there won't have too many ill effects.

Some more bloglove posts:

Oats growing in Canada under lights. It's not the way it's usually done but it seems to be working.

Fascinating post about the diary of Kate Parry Fryes who wrote of her experiences campaigning for Women's Suffrage.

Idiot Johnson sings for his supper. Buy the album. He doesn't take comments but you can find him on twitter.

horse chestnut


Emma said...

You're right - it has got increasingly difficult to find new blog posts to comment on as the month has gone by. I think people must be disappearing in to the garden....

Catofstripes said...

Just a few more days to keep going. Then I shall disappear into the garden myself, I hope.