Monday 27 February 2006

Party Animals

Finally I've booked a crossing. It's not the one I meant to book but from Poole to Cherbourg. Heaven knows what I was thinking of, but there were no available sailings from the Portsmouth/Cherbourg ferries and all the Caen ones were at a time that didn't appeal. So it's a three hour drive down to Poole on Wednesday and two trips in the dark, one to get to Ouville and another to get home again on the 7th.

I've made arrangements for the water to be turned on on the 2nd March - well, we shall see, and for a roofer/builder to come by and give me a quote on the roofing repairs on the same day. I've a couple of other names to try too but I'm a bit shy of phoning. Better call them in the evening, they'll be out at work all day. No idea what's happening with the telephone or electricity, there's been no response to my letters sent a week ago.

The cat is booked for his rabies jab for tomorrow morning. It might as well be done and at the moment I'm thinking I'll have him with me in France for the summer. We should both like that.

So, to the party! I've been telling people for weeks that we're going to have a house warming camp at the farm on the weekend that would have been Glastonbury, that's the 24/25th June. People are invited to pitch their tents for a week or so, whatever fits with their travel plans and I'm hoping that we'll be able to get one or other of the young people to provide a band, with Roy putting up the back line and lighting. Anyone else with an act is welcome to book a slot (Martyn has promised a Chemical Brothers interlude!) and there will be food, drink and merriment all weekend long. If I haven't invited you yet, contact me in the usual way and I'll make sure you get the full details.

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