Wednesday 8 February 2006

Perpetual Motivation


Motivation is something my life has never had an abundance of - this blog is supposed to help that by being an insistent task, something I must update everyday with new information. To create the new information I am required to make some progress with my ambitions, in this case with the French property, and having made that endeavour I will have something to add to the blog, perpetual motivation in action.

Unfortunately I'm finding writing fluently like one of those bad dreams where your legs have turned to treacle in the face of oncoming traffic and no matter how hard you try to get out of the road collision with a fast moving lorry is inevitable. It's stilted I know, but with practise things can only get better, can't they?

Anyway, to work. Today's picture shows a rose in Ouville that has reverted to its rootstock, probably Rosa Canina. It has beautiful hips and is a very strong grower. When we were there last I brought home a handful of seeds from it. If they all germinate we will have some wonderfully thorny and attractive plants to strengthen the hedges with that will feed the birds and provide colour all through the winter.

JPR Environmental have replied about the missing willows and will be sending them on which is great. I will have to pot them here and plant them out in the autumn but since they were always for ornamental use and not for the coppice that's o.k. They can join the twisted willow and the weeping willow that I rooted from a cutting taken from a tree on the playing field.

I'm planning another trip over for the end of this month, by myself as Paul will be working which will be scary. At that time hope I will have organised a couple of roofers to give me some quotes on mending the roofs. I may even have managed to get the electricity turned on.

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