Wednesday 8 February 2006

Selling the Irish House

We have to sell the house in Ireland to raise money for the renovations in France.

From the road

It's such a shame in a way, the house in Cavan is everything we wanted, isolated, old with land and views but it's too far away for easy visits and too cold for permanent habitation. Even the locals have trouble growing anything very interesting, although the gardens at Florence Court (a National Trust property) just over the border to the north are impressive. I think it takes a lot of money to achieve that sort of success.

Anyway, if you'd like a house in Ireland mail me (or leave a comment with your email address). The price is 110,000 euro (about £75,000) for a direct sale so no fees to worry about and house prices in Ireland are rising fast so this represents a good investment in a booming property market.

Back to the main project, I managed to plant some seeds today - the rose seeds mentioned below and a number of herb seeds for perennials that should be ready in time for planting out in the new herb garden. I've included hyssop and catmint along with the parsley and marjoram. We'll have to see what comes up.

And, despite my plans to travel later in the month, I've been offered a chance for a quick trip over the channel this weekend with Roy and Xtal so naturally I'm going to take it and use the opportunity to take measurements for the herb garden and my mezzanine floor in the studio. Hope I don't fall through.

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