Wednesday 15 February 2006


The weather is definitely warming up and the birds are singing longer and louder each morning. I was nearly decapitated by mating (or were they fighting) blackbirds in the garden a couple of days ago.

At la Rupallerie there was frog spawn in the stream on the 12/02/2006, a little bit frozen on the top but I'm sure the eggs beneath will be fine. While we were eating our lunch of bread and wine around the fire a wren flew in from I'm not sure where and spent some time exploring before I could persuade it to leave the building.

Today I've been bringing myself to the point of entering into correspondence with the French utility suppliers. Our translator, John Wright from Vaubaudon, has sent me some template letters which I will probably use but I've also been working out some phrases for myself and translating them with the google language tool and also the free translator provided by However it's not just a matter of simply telling the various power, water and telecom companies to get their act together - they expect me to be there in person to take over the accounts. Consequently I've got to make plans for my next visit before I write the letters. At the moment I'm thinking of the working week 27th Feb to 4th March but I'll have to confirm with Paul that it doesn't clash with any of his business trips. LDlines have quoted a crossing to Le Havre of £64 for me and a car but the driving is further and as I'll be on my own I'm not sure if I'll be comfortable with that for a first trip alone.

Once I've set some dates I must organise some workmen to give me quotes on roof fixing. Again, language is going to be an issue. I'd rather use local companies but if I can't communicate it may end up being easier to use one of the many Brit owned outfits. I shall try for at least one entirely French business and see what happens.

One update; we got the cat rescue website ftp problem sorted, all that remains is to sort the website which has every sort of amateur problem contained within it. However, the web designer and coder is determined to have a go herself, and given my problems with unfamiliar language who am I to knock her efforts?

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