Monday 6 February 2006

Sunday 6th February 2006

La Rupallerie

A new pic of the house taken after Paul had removed the Leylandii Hedge from around the raised garden.

The raised garden has been designated the spot for my new herb garden. I'm not sure it will always be a herb garden - my deepest fears are that it is in fact a mass pets grave, the topping of a huge cesspit or something worse - and it may face substantial remodelling in the future but for the time being it is a sunny spot with a concrete boundary edging and some nice steps leading onto it which will take the herbs and make a quick and effective feature to replace the rather bleak grass and old dog kennel that is there now.

There are about 50 herbs on the list, some shrubby like rosemary and sage, perennials like lovage and sweet cicely and the leafy greens, parsley, coriander, rocket and so on which I usually think of as part of the vegetable garden but should be included this year as the summer vegetables will mostly be growing on the allotments this year and not in France.

On today's to-do list therefore is an item to start making the plants I shall need and to design a suitable plan bearing in mind the growth habits and vigour of the herbs. It hasn't progressed very far yet.

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