Saturday 4 February 2006

Wildlife Update

It was extremely cold during our recent trip to Normandy and we saw many birds of prey lurking by roadsides and near buildings presumably hoping for carrion or rubbish to pick over. We saw the buzzard near the house in Ouville several times, moodily skimming over the hedgerow in contrast to his summer soaring high above the river valley and then when I was at La Rupallerie I saw our barn owl.

Originally uploaded by amkhosla.

The picture is borrowed because I wasn't quick enough to catch her this time. There were signs of her feeding in the loft of the main house which had not been there before so I hope we haven't scared her away by being there this time.

We also saw various small birds (owl food?) and heard the woodpecker in the forest.

There were a lot of deer droppings too. We're going to need a roc to keep those under control.


Anonymous said...

I saw a tawny owl in Wales once in the middle of the night, by the time the kids got there all the animals buggered off. But I saw it.

Anonymous said...

That was me, Xtal, sorry such a hurry to post..

Catofstripes said...

We'll have to make a special animal survey, once the weather gets better!