Tuesday 2 April 2013

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celandine lesser

Emma Cooper, who is a very kind and giving person, has had another good idea.  She's suggesting that we all make an effort to comment on each other's blogs this month. It has dual benefits, downhearted bloggers get a bit of appreciation and spammers get pushed off the page.  I'm going to try to join in, although I think 5 comments a day might be a bit much for me so I'm going for 3. Because I read a lot of blogs they won't all be gardening blogs, I'll include a few cooking writers and maybe even one or two of the more off the wall places I like to look at. Whatever, I'll link to them each day and perhaps you'll find something of interest there too.

And because I'm going to write a links post each day this month I should try to get something out about the garden too.


We went back to France just before Easter and discovered it was bitterly cold in Normandy too. In fact, we had snow on the second day although that had melted away into an almost balmy spring warmth by the afternoon. So much to do and very little time to do it in.

onion patch

The first digging was completed though, on a patch which has been covered with black plastic for nearly 2 years now. It dug over relatively easily with a fork, was full of worms and has now received 200 onion sets and 50 shallots.  We also put in a short row of Swift first early potatoes. Ran out of time and space for garlic though. I'll do a few in pots but it looks like we'll be buying our supplies this year which is a pity.

And now those links:

Emma's second day of blogging for this month.

Patrick talks about the loss of Google Reader (which I use and find essential)

Michelle keeps fantastic stats on her vegetable patch in rather more equitable temperatures than I have here.


Emma said...

I too love Google Reader, but I am getting the hang of Feedly now, so hopefully that will take its place :) Glad you're joining in the Blog Love fun!

Catofstripes said...

Yes, Feedly is doing it for me now too. Once the first rush was over and the site recovered it seems to be rather good. Hope I can make the grade with Blog Love, I shall die trying!

ICQB said...

I saw your camellia post below - my husband and I stopped at the Elizabethan Gardens on Roanoke Island, Virginia, USA, on our way to a wedding. A bit early for things in bloom (it's been a cold spring), but the camellias were blooming and beautiful, and lots of varieties. Just gorgeous to see.

Niles said...

Good lord, 5 comments a day? I certainly understand the frustration of writing stuff and getting no feedback. I now have the added frustration that I occasionally hear that the stuff I write about teaching gets shared round people's departments - but the people doing the sharing don't let me know they think there's anything of value in what I write.

Have been thinking of you today as I started one of your recipes, picking carrot strips in a jam jar for tonight's tea.

Was your light dusting of snow
getting away lightly? Our friends near Caen were completely boggled by their fall but more their drifts. Were disturbed by cats in the middle of the night, got up to find out why, and discovered catflap blocked by snow. By following morning the drift was halfway up their rear wall.

Catofstripes said...

ICQB Lovely to hear from you. Sadly our camellia was nearly snapped right off at the base by the weight of snow we had in February and March. I've had to cut it right back. It will recover but most of the flowers are lost for this year which is a pity and something to consider when I'm positioning the tea bushes.

Catofstripes said...

Niles - I couldn't do five a day but it's good discipline to try for some, it's very easy to slip into apathy over blogs but they do provide a big chunk of my entertainment and education each day.

Naughty of your colleagues to nick your stuff and not credit you.

Yep, that was a bit of nothing snow really, just irritating but we'd obviously had some really heavy falls and drifts because as well as the camellia several large patches of brambles were completely flattened which is more of a win.

Patrick said...

I'm guilty. I spend far more time writing, and not nearly enough time reading and commenting on others blogs.

There are lots of great blogs out there, and I agree we should always be looking for ways to tell one another we are doing a good job.

Great post! :)